Lifesize® Icon™ 400/450/600/800

Last Updated: Jan 25, 2023

Placing a call

Place a call using one of the following methods:

ScheduleSelect  to show upcoming calls that UVC Manager has scheduled for your video system. Details about the call can include the start time, title, description, and participants. Calls that require a passcode show a lock icon . The schedule also shows time periods during which no calls are scheduled.A call begins at its scheduled start time and connects the participants either automatically or after one or more of them accepts an invitation to join the call.
FavoritesSelect   to show your Favorites. Select an entry in the list to dial the number.Remote control: Additional options include Advanced Dialing and Remove or Remove All (to manage the entries in Favorites).
RecentsSelect   to show recently dialed , received , or missed  calls. Select an entry to dial the number.Remote control: Additional options include Advanced DialingAdd to Favorites, and Remove or Remove All (to manage the entries in Recents).Recents is limited to 50 entries.
DirectorySelect   to show entries. Select an entry to dial the number.Remote control: Additional options include Advanced Dialing and Add to Favorites.
MeetingsSelect   to show available calls. Select an entry to dial the number. Read more about joining a meeting.
KeypadPhone: Select   to enter calling information manually. As you enter each character, the corresponding touch tone is audible for the values 0-9, #, and *.Select abc to open a keyboard to enter alphabetic characters. Select the shift character  to enter an uppercase letter. Select the shift character twice for caps lock.
DialerRemote control: Select   to enter calling information manually. Navigate to advanced options to enter alphabetic characters or select a call bandwidth or protocol. The list of available bandwidth values adjusts to the maximum bandwidth preference set by your administrator. Similarly, only enabled call protocols appear.

A video icon  represents a video call in progress. A voice icon  represents a voice call. Select  to end the call.

Available calling options also depend on the applications configured in your environment. Read more about integrating your Icon with other Lifesize applications.