Lifesize® Icon™ 400/450/600/800

Last Updated: Jan 25, 2023

Audio preferences

Configure audio preferences in Preferences > Audio.

PreferenceDescriptionDefault Value
Icon 600 Only
Icon 800 Only
Video Call OutputSpecifies the location for audio output during video calls: Line OutHD OutDVI, or Phone.Phone
Voice Call OutputSpecifies the location for audio output during voice calls: Line OutHD OutDVI, or Phone.Phone
Analog Mic GainSets the value that controls the mic gain of the analog audio input. Choose one of the following values:Line Level. Use this value with professional line in microphones.Microphone Level. Use this value with consumer microphones.Microphone Level with Boost. Use this value when your microphones require an increase in the gain.Line Level
Integrated AudioBy default, the Icon 800’s embedded audio processor controls the following:Acoustic echo canceller (AEC)Noise reductionAutomatic gain controlTo use an external controller, turn Integrated Audio on.When this option is on, the following conditions apply:The volume buttons on your phone and main screen are unavailable.Active Mic defaults to Line In. Microphones connected to line in audio inputs are always on.DVI audio inputs are on until you stop them at their source.NOTE: The Integrated Audio preference is available for the Icon 600 from the command line.Off
Active MicYour system can connect to more than one microphone device for audio input during calls. Only one device can function as the active microphone during a call.Auto
Audio MuteWhen you press the mute button, all audio inputs are muted by default, including audio from the active microphone, a PC connected to the codec for a presentation, or a device connected to auxiliary inputs.To configure the system to mute only the active microphone, select Mic Only.All