Lifesize® Icon™ 400/450/600/800

Last Updated: Oct 11, 2022

Icon 800: Audio inputs

DVI-IAudio received from the DVI-I input is sent to the near and far end only if you configure the input to be the primary or presentation stream.Example: if you connect a DVR to DVI 3 and change the presentation input to use DVI 3, both audio and video are sent to the near and far end.
Line inAnalog line in is always on, eliminating the requirement to associate line in with a digital input.Example: if you connect your smartphone to the Icon line in and press play on the smartphone, audio is sent to both the near and far end.If you do not want to send audio, you must control the sound at the source.

When you press mute, all audio inputs to the system are muted by default. To configure the system to mute only the active microphone, sign in to your video system’s web interface and set Preferences > Audio > Audio Mute to Active Mic.

By default, the embedded audio processor for Icon 800 controls AEC, noise reduction, and automatic gain control. To use an external controller, turn Integrated Audio on in Preferences > Audio. When Integrated Audio is on, Active Mic defaults to Line In.