Lifesize® Icon™ 400/450/600/800

Last Updated: Dec 14, 2022

Calls hosted by an MCU

When UVC Multipoint or Lifesize Bridge is integrated with your Icon, scheduled and on demand conferences available to your video system appear in  > . When you join a call from Meetings , all of the bridge layouts that are available for the current call scenario appear. If the call supports more than one layout,  appears. To change the call layout, select  and navigate to the desired layout. For bridges that are not integrated, select < or > to choose a layout.

When you join a call that is hosted by a Lifesize MCU that is not integrated with your Icon, select  on the phone to navigate the interface. Tap 9 to toggle help text on your display. If the Virtual Operator answers the call, you are prompted to select a conference to join.

Tap 3 to show bridge options:

Self ViewThe view from a participant’s camera appears on their screen.
Speaker OrderWhen enabled, the most recent speaker appears in the prominent window.
Status IndicatorsWhen enabled, status icons appear.
Mute VideoWhen enabled, mutes video.
AnnouncementsVoice prompts and system sounds indicate the current system status or action required.
Camera Control NavigationTouch Tone NavigationToggles far end camera control and DTMF tones.
LanguageThe language of the onscreen text and voice prompts.
Text InsetHow far the text is offset from the sides of the screen.